Remembrance Day Ponderings


Poppy - Heartbeats House
Photo Credit – Heartbeats House


Dad ready to head to War

I can’t imagine the many thoughts that would be contemplated with each sunrise that came and went during the time my Dad was overseas in World War II, 3 years and 6 months to be exact.    He left behind my Mom and my oldest brother at 1 year old.  He boarded a ship and was taken many miles away from home with hundreds of others, each one was on that ship wanting to defend the country and the families that they love.  They were willing to be there to preserve the freedom that we had then and are privileged to have now.  I am proud of my Dad and my Uncles who served at home and away.

World War I and World War II are just two of the many conflicts our Canadian Soldiers have faced throughout the years.  I won’t even try and name each one, because I know I would forget some and to me that would be disrespect to their service.

I recently have been in contact with someone that I haven’t met face to face, but have come to respect greatly for the work he is doing.   His name is Eric Brunt. , he is a professional videographer.   (take a few minutes to check Eric out and what he is up to)  At present he is traveling around Canada to interview World War II veterans.   I became in contact with him through Facebook and CBC Facebook page.   I follow some of the news facebook pages in order to get the bits and pieces of the news.   One day as I was reading I saw this post about Eric and his desire to do a documentary on

Uncle Harold, Grandma, Uncle Len and Dad  (My Uncle Ron served too but is not in this photo)

World War II Veterans, this caught my eye because of my Dad.   Dad is 98 and one of the few WW II veterans left.   I contacted Eric and he set up a meeting to speak with Dad.  I don’t know that he will ever know what he gave to Dad that day.  It gave Dad once again validation of what he had done for Canada, that someone still cared.   I am anxious to see the documentary that Eric will do and see Dad with his smile, pride and stories of his time in service as well as all the other men and women he has interviewed.  I don’t know that I will ever meet Eric face to face, but he is appreciated for the time and effort he is putting into such a great documentary about a time long forgotten.  Be watching for the documentary, and I will put up a link once I know it is available.

My Uncle Jim 
My Grandpa Brown

This November 11, take time to stop and remember soldiers of days gone by and those serving today.  Men and women who are willing to put their lives at risk to defend our country.   Take time to remember lives lost, families with empty arms and those that live today with injuries sustained during their time in service.

Be ready to sign petitions and stand for our Veterans and the need for our governments to uphold them for the rest of their lives as appreciation for the gift of service.  They deserve it and as Canadian’s we need to be supportive of that in appreciation.Have you a member in your family that has served or is serving for Canada?  Share a bit of your story, their story here, part of remembering is sharing so the memories don’t fade.

I thank God for the men and women who served and are serving, because of your service I can live in freedom.

Hugs n’ Prayers








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