Too Many Keys!

Photo credit – Heartbeats House

I am alway accused of having too many keys on my key ring.  I guess I do, but when I try and reduce them, well… I just don’t.   Each one gets used many times during the week, or at least most of them.   I have been told that the weight of them can cause grief to the starter, so believe it or not there is less on there than there used to be.

The function of a starter is to start… smart hey?   It doesn’t work alone.  Here is a great article that I found that explains what happens when you turn the key in your vehicle.  Complicated things begin to happen, but the power that you get as a result is what we count on to get around.   Without the keys there is no legal way to start most cars…. some you can push a button but the reaction resulting in power is ultimately the same.

Our lives are managed with a set of “Keys”.   The power we get from them result in our reactions into our daily lives.  The “ignition column” that we start the day off with can be affected by an argument the day before, or just an attitude that life is not going as planned, or whatever.   If we let the start of our days begin by letting the things that made us angry the day before, then our day is going to be fuelled with animosity and we will be … ready for a fight. (Even if there isn’t one there!)  If we wake up and feel like we are at peace with the world, then we are able to let things fall off of us a little easier.

Our attitudes fuel the day, it is the “key ring” we use to carry our keys.  Ask my family, I get ‘tudes, some send me into a smiling happy go luck kinda day, others make me put my “better not say anything wrong” face or I might bite your head off” attitude on..

Keys that feed me negative attitudes are:

Resentment     Jealousy     Hatred     Grudges    Anger  Worry  

and well.. there’s more but you get the picture. 

They are heavy, some very heavy and can destroy our “starter” and our “lives”.  Lately I am really having to work through some of those things. ( Side note:  The day after I started writing this blog post I got a phone call that my daughter that had been in hospital for 7.5 months earlier in the year was very ill and I needed to go to her.  So folks, I am writing the rest of this to me and to those that have worries that are the biggest key on the ring!)  I know that I can’t do this life on my own, I am incapable of finding my way through the things that weigh on my heart as Wife, Mom and Grammy and make me worry.   I don’t know how to un-worry on my own!  Grudges , Anger, Resentment, fighting Hatred, Jealousy… and so on… as you can see this is not a new struggle for me.. click here

I want to make sure that the attitude that I start my day off with is filled with things that  can help me be in the lives of my husband and family that will nurture them, not be a source of bringing them down and turning them away from faith in Jesus.   I want to be able to be an authentic believer in Jesus and be honest to others that I KNOW that Jesus is in my life and that I get peace somethings in things that make no sense and it comes from Him.   I also want to be authentic and sometimes say, “This is hard watching my daughter and family go through this… I am worried, I am angry and I just want God to fix it all now!   So, I worry… and and and.   But then I am reminded of something.    I have referred to this verse before. Galatians 5: 22-23

Love     Joy      Peace     Patience     Kindness    Goodness       

Faithfulness  Gentleness  Self Control

These are called the Fruit of the Spirit… I know I have written on them before but they have come to light again because of some issues I am working through. ( and now the deep concerns for my daughter)   I also know that I can’t do this on my own!   These things are called the Fruit of the Spirit, they come through Him, we aren’t expected to have them on our own.   These are gifts given by the Holy Spirit at just the right time when we leave our lives open for Him to use us, even when it’s so hard.   My past is peppered with times where, in the right moment I would get a peace and strength to work through… to not be weighted heavily by worry, to have strength that I don’t understand.  It is the keys of the past that remind me that we will get through this and in it maybe some way, some how we will help others who are faced with these conflicts inside.   My prayer is that God will help me be a reflection of the good keys in life and be able to take the negative ones off and not wreck the starter in my life each day.

Hugs n Prayers


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