Girls Mechanics Class

I can remember my first day in mechanics class.   We were the first girls mechanics class in the High School I attended.   I am over 60 so you can imagine how long ago that was!   It was Grade 11 and no other school in the area had allowed girls to take mechanics.  Ours, was the first.

There were obvious flaws in the system because this had never been done before.  They had a wood working teacher teach us because the mechanics teacher was tied up with the boys class.    He made it quite clear he knew nothing about mechanics. 

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I remember my partner and I took each piece from the motor, had our book beside us and we painstakingly labeled every piece.  We were feeling pretty good about ourselves and thought that would mean a great mark!   The one day the teacher walked passed us and saw what we were doing and asked why we were doing this.   We said “this way we will know how to put the motor back together again”…. his reply?  “why bother, these motors will never work anyways…just take it apart”.   We were deflated and upset…. we quit the labeling.   

He asked for parents to allow us to bring their vehicles to class to do oil changes on them.  My Dad was the only brave one to let us take the car in for an oil change.   That semester we changed his oil no less than about 5 times.   It didn’t cost him, and we did a good job!  Dad had an issue with the horn… oh yeah… it was a 1961 Chevrolet Belair… pretty red color. ( I can’t find a photo of it, I believe it was the same as the one in the link)   Anyways, the horn would only work if you turned the wheel to the right a bit, then you would have to hit it and get the wheel back in the right direction.   We tore the steering column apart many times, and put in new parts and pieces but… no fix and it stayed that way until he got rid of it.  

When it came to marks , well that was another adventure.   The teacher (I don’t remember his name, shows how often he was in the classroom)… anyways… he stood at the front of the class and for the first grading he said to write down what we felt would be a fair mark.   So, I put a “C” because I really hadn’t learned too much.   Each mark that was requested was given.   He didn’t give us exams, .. no assignments… nothing.  Next grading I picked a B… that is what I got.   Sad really because we all wanted to learn about cars and didn’t learn much at all.   

I did learn to change a tire, and how to change the oil (in that car anyways) and I learned a valuable life lesson.   There are many times in life that we need to take our own initiative to learn.   Whether it be about mechanics or about the bible or God, we need to take time in the to learn for ourselves and not just rely on Sunday mornings in a service.   The lessons we learn ourselves usually are because we have an interest or a concern that drives us to search.   Just like my Dad’s car, I need to be brave like my Dad was to let this class “fix” his car…. I need to be brave in my search for answers.   To take time to wander through the bible and spend time searching for answers to the many questions I have in my own life.  

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The one lesson that stands out pretty clearly from that class is  that I learned to use a grease gun really well… both greasing my Dad’s car and having grease gun fights.   (We got scolded for that, but never any consequence…the teacher really didn’t want to be in that class at all. ).  A girls place in that type of class in that time period was not a top priority or even really respected, I know that is different now in schools and that is good.     Oh, did I mention there was one boy in our class?   He used to get teased about being the “left over” from the boys class.  He was great and a lot of fun, I think we learned more from him that the teacher. 

Search in life for answers to the questions you have.   There are many good teachers out there for many things and then take the initiative to search for yourself, you just never know what you may find. 

Hugs n’ Prayers





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  1. mitzybricker says:

    Your blogs are interesting! This one reminds me of my shop class in high school which was light years ago for me!

    I wrote a blog on my site about shop class too. You’re invited to read it, and comment! My site is: In search bar type: February 1, 2017 ‘Shop Class-Let there be Light’

    You may also enjoy: May 2, 2017 ‘The Tool Purse’

    Blessing, Mitzy Bricker

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