Happy New Year wish from me to you!

I had written a New Years post about a week ago to go live at midnight and it disappeared, obviously human error…. mine.

light new year s eve fireworks sylvester
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thank you for taking time to read through my posts this last year.   I have always loved to write, because I have as many words floating around in my head and those that come from my mouth.  🙂 .  2018 held many times of smiles and many challenges, and many, many times of blessings.   The journey our daughter’s health has been on has been heart wrenching and still no conclusive decisions as to what has been happening and what is continuing to happen. We continue to pray.   Through this time though, we have experienced blessings in many forms.  Many friends and family rallying around in support shown in a variety of ways.   God placing on individual hearts when to say something, mail something and drop something off in the form of kind words, love, gifts and many, many praying on her / our behalf as a family.  We are grateful for each of you!!!   Thank you!!!


On this, January 1, 2019 I choose to focus on praising God for His strength, love, compassion, peace and encouragement over this last year.   He has been the foundation of peace on the long days and fearful nights.   His word has been our strength and reminder to keep going, keep trusting and keep believing that He holds the future.   It is with a heart of gratitude today that I lift my heart and hands to God in Heaven with gratitude and love and give a commitment to continue to try my best to serve Him in the days ahead.

My hearts wish and prayer for you is that 2019 hold for you all that will bring you joy, love, happiness, peace and strength.  If ever you want to know more of why I believe many of those things comes from a relationship with Jesus, let me know and I will do my best to share with you what I believe.


Photo credit: Heartbeats House

So, from our home to yours…. Happy New Year and once again thank you for following along my blogging, faith, life, cars, photos journey.

Hugs ‘n Prayers


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  1. mitzybricker says:

    Prayers for Jesus peace and presence to you and your family, Mitzy

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