I am back, healing has begun

Hi everyone.   Thank you for your patience during my time away from my blog.   I have been and continue to be on the path of recovery from surgery to my shoulder.

Over the past 7 weeks I have spent much time in quiet contemplation, sleep and reflection.   There are times in life when we need to just stop, either forced or by choice.  This time for me it was forced due to the surgery, but there are internal benefits that came with this quiet time.

I have had time to spend in prayer, in reading my bible, in reviewing old photos, in more prayer, and sometimes just to sleep.  Life gets busy with busyness of family, work, social events and sometimes procrastination and pressures that come with that, so a time of rest can help us refocus for the next round in life.

Psalm 73-25,26I have spent a lot of time in the last 7 weeks reading in Genesis and started right at the beginning.  I have found a new love for some of the bible personalities there and a huge amount of respect and thanksgiving for their faithfulness to God.  Many lessons in there!  I continue reading on and over the next while will try and put together some of the things that have really caused deep reflection for me as I face the future following this operation.   One thing I can say that I already can share and it isn’t something new.  I am confident that I serve a God who encompasses all of life, from creation through to today.  I rest in His grace and in awe of His mercy to me.  I am not a scholar and don’t have answers for everything, but I know my faith is not misplaced, after all it is the hands of the creator Himself and He \ is my Heavenly Father.

2 Sam 22 12 -14I hope you are all well, know that I pray for those that may take some time to read my posts.  My prayer is that God will bless you and keep you and that I hope in some way I am able to help point your thoughts to the one who loves you more than we really understand.   We are blessed.

Hugs n Prayers



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  1. mitzybricker says:

    What a fine, encouraging read. It’s wonderful you are recovering well. Blessing and continued strength to you.

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

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