Desperate Silence

In facing a time of extreme worry, stress and all consuming fear, silence feels like a horrible thing.  It is a reminder of the helplessness of the current situation.  It is a time that our own thoughts can feel as if they are going to devour us and bring us to a place where our heart is going to stop.  But is it?   Is it going to stop, does those feelings of worry, stress and consuming fear change anything for the good or the bad in the current circumstance?  No.

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Can you imagine the hours and minutes that passed and the silence that was felt after Jesus was put in the tomb?   The horror that they had watched Him go through, the pain that they watched Him endure, and they couldn’t do a thing.  They had been following Jesus and hearing Him preach, watching Him give love and compassion and had heard the chatter and noise and praise of all the people that would follow him through miles and miles of His journey by foot.  Now, it was silent.  Desperately silent.  They would have rehearsed over and over in their minds the things they wished they would have done, could have done or should not have done.  How could they have changed things?  Should they have hidden Him, should they have stood between the soldiers and Jesus and tried to stop them.  As Mary, Jesus Mom watched as they tortured the son that God had her birth, the questions that must have poured over in her mind.  The ache of a mother’s heart watching the pain, the blood, the thorns, then… the silence.

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What was going on!?  He was supposed to be the messiah, to save the world.  To stop the horrible things that happened in life and now He was gone.  The silence pierced their hearts and minds.   How about you?  Does the silence in the trials you are going through pierce your mind?  I know it does me.  The conversations I have with myself, the rehearsing I do of the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” goes over and over in my mind in the silence, the desperate, painful silence.   Where is God in this!?

I was just folding laundry and became overwhelmed with the thought of the time between them closing the tomb stone on Jesus lifeless body and the amazing resurrection.  God was at work!  Jesus conquered the penalty for the devision that sin has caused between us and Himself.  He allowed His son to be pierced, hung, and tortured to usher Him into the depths of the death the penalty for sin that was created in the garden of eden.  He loved us so much that He gave of himself to give us a way out for the stupid, decisions we make.  No one makes the decisions that are all good… no one we all have sin, just watch the news.   It is easier to initially make those decisions and then sit back in despair knowing … “what have I done!”.    The silence that first easter was not lack of activity of God, He was creating for us not a new earth, but the ability to live this life on earth in our own mistakes and the mistakes and pain of others with the knowledge He forgives us and has done everything possible to provide that for us by becoming a man with the purpose to die on our behalf.  He paved the way for salvation for eternity, and left us the Holy Spirit to walk with us until we meet Jesus face to face.

I am faced with a few situations right now that the silence and the conversations in my head hold me on me knees praying to Jesus.   I have to have confidence that some of God’s greatest work has been done in silence and will be done in this silence too.   Right now, I am going to rejoice in the silence in the situation at hand and I am going to do my very best to hold close to that desperate silence waiting… Jesus rose again from the dead… anything I face or the ones I love face He can and will work in and through.   

The silence in the first easter gave salvation…. the silence in our situation right now gives hope.

Hugs n prayers


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