Mother’s Day and my Hero

MompaintingMother’s Day, for each of us, is a conjuring up of many memories of our Mothers.    My Mom is 97 years old now and one of the most amazing women I know.   Growing up I always knew that on the other side of a long day at school was Mom.   Hugs and encouragement were always part of her greetings.   When she had to work in the later years of my school days, I knew that even though she wasn’t home that when she would come home from work that she still wanted to hear about my day and made me assured of her love by her hugs. My only wish then and now , is that I want to be just like her.

Jesus first, Dad second and each of us kids and grandkids and great grandkids is the order of the love she has in her heart.   Her example of humble self sacrifice has meant that many people in and outside of our family have felt the blessings of her hands and heart.

Almost a year ago Mom had a stroke that was devastating to see her go through, but once again she took a bad situation and turned it for good.  She told me a few months back that she thanks Jesus for that stroke because it gave her opportunity to speak to people about Jesus that she other wise would not be in contact with.  Recently, Mom had another set back that has left her in a condition that communication doesn’t happen very easily.   It is so hard to see her like this, but I was reminded of something.   I know Mom, and even though she isn’t communicating much these days I KNOW for sure that she will be praying for each person that comes through the door to care for her.   I know that some of the hardest things in life she has faced it has been done with the deepest most dedicated faith humanly possible and with much prayer.

I am blessed to have her and love her with so much of my heart!  I am unable to be with her for Mother’s day, but sit back with this thought.   To be born into the arms of this amazing lady is what has given me the foundations of being a woman, a wife, mom and grandmother.  She has shown me what it is to stand through the storms, brush off the dust of hurt and pain and move on in  life carrying everything to the foot of the cross.  Her faith in God has been a shining example to me of what having a relationship with Christ looks like.  That it isn’t about religion, it is about a relationship of a gift of mercy and love to carry through this life and know that eternity will hold time with the Saviour.

Happy Mother’s Day to my hero.  I love you so much,

Hug  n’ prayers


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