Split the Sea of Tears –

Pain of our own is something no one wants… ever.  It isn’t top on the request prayer list.  “Lord give me pain” said no one ever.   Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health make us a whole person.   You can’t separate any of it, we are one with our mind, body, heart and soul.  Depression, heart attacks, tooth ache, spiritual dryness…. it happens… it is real and it is all painful because we are a whole person.

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Photo by Jhonis Martins on Pexels.com

For many, actually very many right now life is hard.  Around us we can see pain in the lives of others we love and care so deeply for and can’t do much ourselves.

I can’t imagine the sense of hopelessness the people of Israel were going through praying, pleading and crying out to God wanting to be released from the bondage of slavery.  Seeing their families going through the horrific conditions and not being able to change a thing.  They were helpless…but they were not hopeless.  They would have felt that they were not being heard by God, that their cries were not bending His ear to their rescue.   Little did they know that God was working, and in the least likely of people to rescue them.   He would use the man who was put in a basket by his Mom in faith he would be ok as a baby into the water as rescue , then he would be the man that would stand at the Red Sea and watch God part the water to release them into unmeasured safety.  They couldn’t see the work God was doing because it was God’s work, not theirs to do.   They were to just keep going, to remain faithful to Him , to praise and plead and believe.  Ever feel like that?

Spend some time in the book of the Bible called Exodus for the whole account. Click on this link for an online version of the bible.

Photo credits  Heartbeats House Photography

I do, a lot lately if truth be told.   The sea that I am standing at today is made up of the tears I have cried for my family and those close to me.   At times it feels as if God is just not there, that He isn’t listening and that He is silent, then something happens… with no notice I see His hand in something and know that it is only Him that could do that.   Then again, I wait… wait for a miracle because much of that around me is going to take a miracle…and only from Him.

Romans 15:4 .  ” For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope”

We have wounds don’t we?  We have pain and anguish and fear and no control but we can have hope.   The bible talks about a lot of people who went through a lot of things before us and found hope and rescue, even if it didn’t look like they wanted or thought possible…. like a parted sea.    Today, I am waiting…. reading back over the rescue of a people in torment by a God who heard them.   It is my promise, your promise to cling to… God hears our prayers, sees our tears and will part the sea of those tears in His way, His timing… we are just to cling to Him.

Hugs n Prayers


PS:  If you ever want to have someone pray for you… leave me a message and it will be my pleasure to pray for you.


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