Happy Birthday Dad …. birth to 99

My Dad was born almost 100 years ago….. 99 to be exact.   This month he turns 99 and is doing pretty good if you ask me.

This picture is from a few weeks ago.  Photo property of Heartbeats House Photography

Dad was born in the Canadian Prairies into a family of 9 kids, a healthy mix of boys and girls during the great depression.   I can only imagine for my grandmother and grandfather the challenges that came with a family that size!   We have heard many stories of some of the shenanigans they got into, not unlike any family.

Can you imagine how much has changed in 99 years!!!  Dad can and has seen many changes for the good, as well as many changes for the not so good and even bad. I won’t go into those things on here, I would be here a long while, after all 99 years is a long time!  For interests sake here is a link to a Statistics Canada site that shows some of the costs from 1935, 15 years after Dad’s birth… I can’t find anything older.    Prices over the Decades 

Dad's PicturesGartner Scanbox (216).jpg
Photo property of Heartbeats House Photography

Dad's PicturesGartner Scanbox (291)Dad and my Uncle Ron served together as a soldiers in the 2nd World War and was gone from my Mom and oldest brother for 3 years and 6 months.  Here is a link to a story my Dad told the Memory Project remembering his time as a soldier, take a few minutes to listen to his account from his time serving our country.   Memory Project – Clifford Hobbis.

Mom and Dad

Dad and Mom spent 77 years together as husband and wife and had the five of us as kids.  They watched the family grow and grow to include amazing spouses, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

Dad also spent time in the RCMP as a Special Constable as well as a band member in the RCMP musical ride,  of which he did very proudly.   He has many stories of intrigue and adventure as well as some very comical ones.   When he speaks of this time in his life he does with with pride of the privilege he had to Serve and Protect.

Dad's PicturesGartner Scanbox (208)
Photo Property of Heartbeats House Photography

I want this to be a tribute to my Dad on his 99th birthday.  As kids we might not have always seen eye to eye with him, but what kid does with their parent?   In his way he has given love to each of us and today I would like to celebrate the man that God and life has made him to be and the love and provisions he had and has shown to us as a family.   He is working through the most difficult thing he has had to face in his years right now and that is the recent loss of my Mom.  This is the hardest battle he has had to face yet, but he continues to focus on his faith in God trusting that God will get him through this difficult time.

So Dad, Happy Birthday and may you continue your journey to 100 with joy and knowing your family and friends are cheering you along and praying for you and loving you all the way.

Hugs n Prayers, Your youngest girl,


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  1. Kathy Brian Warner says:

    What a powerful story he tells. Thanks so much for sharing it. Kathy

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you for your encouragement ❤️

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