Our Torn Canada

It is no secret to anyone who lives in Canada that this last election revealed once again the unrest between the eastern and western provinces of our great country. The other day driving through our beautiful city I was over taken with the giant Canadian flag that flies high with pride in one of the central shopping areas. Usually it is the size that draws my attention, but today it was the condition of this flag. We have been through some gusting winds in the past few days due to the incoming winter weather and its affects are shown in the condition of this once beautiful flag. It wasn’t the condition of the flag that brought tears to my eyes, but rather the reflection it is of the condition of our country at this time.

Photo Credits – Heartbeats House Photography

Out in the Western Provinces we have an overwhelming sense of being forgotten. Many jobs have been lost in many sectors and as we face Christmas there are hundreds who have to face it in the shadows of layoffs and shutdowns. I am not writing this as a political rant for or against any particular party, this is written with feeling of sadness.

We have one of the most beautiful countries in the world and our freedom enhances the beauty that comes in the oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, country sides, and wildlife. We are blessed people to call this Home. Thousands risk much to come to our beautiful land as immigrants and with hope of freedom. Yet, as people of Canada there is a sense of unrest and many who would like to see Canada split up in sections… I don’t believe that to be the answer. There is mentioning on social media and in the media in general of a split, a separation of anger and unrest. What can we do!! How do we have a voice?? How do people throughout the entirety of Canada feel?

Two things we can do … at least I think so.

One… write your MP voicing your concerns and if need be, keep writing until you are heard. Have a voice of unity, not separation, lets get talking of how to bring unity and not unrest. Call on all the politicians to consider the whole of Canada, because even if our homes are not in the same community, our lives are in the same country. East and West, North and South we need to fight to keep it together and to make it work for all.

Two… pray. If you are not a believer in God, that is your right and I won’t push. If you are a believer then pray. Pray for the politicians, Pray for the process that goes on both in front publicly and behind the scenes. Pray for unity, communication and for hearing ears to solutions to give these families their jobs back. Lack of jobs in one sector affects us all… pray for these families and for this Christmas that something would bring blessing during a time of such worry.

I do believe in a God who is bigger than we can understand, and that His ways and thoughts are higher and deeper than ours. So many of the things we go through in life is blamed on Him yet, we are subject under the decisions of others on a daily basis, we are given freedom to decide and each decision by everyone affects someone else. Those that are voted into office make many decisions and we are taken on the journey of success, failure or floundering as a whole country… often times because of one . Pray (if you believe) and write to your MP if you call Canada your home. Insist on unity and what it will take to bring that to reality once again. That is our individual right.

Just my thoughts as I sit here enjoying my cup of tea in this beautiful home, in this beautiful city, in this amazing province and as resident of one of the most wonderful countries in the world…. Canada

Hugs n’ Prayers


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  1. mitzybricker says:

    It is sad, sad to hear of the difficulties your beautiful country is going through. I shall add you to my prayer list. You are invited to follow my blog at .

  2. mitzybricker says:

    bluerockhorses.com is my blog post site. 🙂

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