Clearer Vision: 2020

I am sure that there will be many references to “2020” and vision as we start a new year, it brought a smile to my face when I thought of it the other day. The only thing I ever thought of before now when it came to 2020 was vision but tonight I sit here in my chair, music on waiting for the clock to change to 00:01 January 1, 2020…. a New Year!

The last few years we have been on a rollercoaster of family trials, challenges and having to say goodbye to two people who we miss desperately. I am going to be honest here, I was looking at the coming of this New Year with a measure of trepidation. I tried hard to reason with myself that just because the last two years had heartache to work through doesn’t mean the new year would be the same. I “tried” but found myself walking within a shadow of fear. Earlier today I was sorting through my craft room and found a prayer list I had from 2014/2015 and was overwhelmed to see the prayers that had been answered in amazing and unexpected ways. Not all were answered as prayed but the “rear view mirror” view showed that not only does God show incredible mercy to us, but some of those prayers prove that God isn’t finished yet. He is still working in all the lives written on those pages.

Photo Credits – Heartbeats House Photography

I was completely taken back as I saw names that I haven’t thought of for awhile and realized that in the moments of those years that we were together or were praying over this list that God knew the next moment, hour, day, month and year. He isn’t limited by time, He isn’t aged by years but is everlasting, eternal, … forever. He isn’t afraid of 2020, He doesn’t live in fear of the unknown, each second is in His hands. As I write this I am humbled in the truth that I don’t understand how it works, how is it that He has no beginning and no end? He is God…. I am not.

What I am, and you are is… Loved by the one and only eternal being, the great I Am. I just sighed…. and tears are warming the edge of my eyes because I know I am loved. I can look back over the past two years and see His hands in my own heart. How through the dark he carried me and gave me strength, faith and promise through times I thought I would never breath again.

So, tonight… I can breath with the breath of hope and promise, I am not alone. There is no promise that 2020 will be perfect, or peaceful or without tears. What I know and believe despite the fact that I still feel the pull to fear, is that I am loved by a Father. Not a far off cold statue who has never tasted life, but rather 2020 is filled with hope because He is a living, loving Father who adopted me as His girl…. His daughter. My vision is limited without my glasses it is VERY blurry, with them I can see clearly into the eyes of those I love. Without faith my hope for the future is blurry and scary, looking to God through the eyes of faith I can see clearly that I am not alone and I can do this. I can take the next breath as the clock changes.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing;  it is the gift of God,  not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Ephesians 2: 8,9″

God loves you… if you haven’t ever given Him a try, open your heart to Him. If you want help to get to know Him let me know, I would be so happy to walk the beginning of the greatest journey with you. Take a new look through the eyes of faith, 2020 holds promise and help and strength for you in the arms of the Father.

Happy New Year!!!!

Hugs n Prayers


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