2020 Family Day

Lights are low, the quiet is pierced only by the sound of my slippers on the carpet. Leaning down I hear the soft sighs of this sleepy child… my child.. my children. I lean over and place a gentle kiss on their forehead and pull the covers up. Each night I whispered and thanked Jesus for choosing me to be their Mom. Many days have come and gone since those days of having small children, they are on their way to 40 now. All those years ago was when we began, Our Family. There has never been one day that I haven’t been so thankful to be their Mom and now the Mother in Law and Grandmother to those precious people my children have brought into my life. What started as two at an alter with vows has turned into 8.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

I would like to sit here tonight and tell you that I did everything right, that I never made bad choices as a Mom, Wife…but that would be a lie. There are many things I wish I could undo and that I have rehearsed in my mind over and over at what I wish I would have said or not have said, wish I would have done or wish I would not have done. Then as the tears run warm down my face I wipe them away knowing I can’t change a thing. Have you ever done that? Rehearsed in your head the undoing of things you will live with for your life… I am guessing you just might.

All I can do now is to do my best now, and as has been since the day I found out each time with my kids that I was pregnant…. I am thankful and feel like the most blessed of women that, God choose me to be Wife, Mom, Mom in Law and Grandmother to these wonderful people.

2020 Family Day has me sitting here thanking Jesus that I am blessed with the people I have in my life that I get to call my Family. Family day means our little families, our bigger families and those that join together in a commonality in worshiping Jesus, our Heavenly Dad.

There are many that live around us this family day that have no one, or have families with such anger that they don’t communicate. As you celebrate this Family Day open your hearts to those around you that you don’t know their story with compassion and I will do the same.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I might not tuck my kids into bed with low light any more, but each day I still thank Jesus that they are my family. That despite the disappointments I might have caused, or ways I may have failed them, they still love me and how thankful I am. Now the quiet that is in our home at night is the absence of the sighs of a child, but is now filled with my prayers for them and a pride that I as their Mom have because I know that I have been blessed with the people who call me Wife, Mom and Grammy.

Happy Family Day to you! If you want to know more of what it is to be in the family of Jesus our Heavenly Dad let me know, I would love to share with you the Father who loves you deeply.

Love, Hugs n Prayers


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