Children: Home and School

The announcement came today that children in British Columbia will be kept out of school indefinitely due to the current fight against this dreadful Covid-19 virus. For some, this brings on challenges for child care and for others frustration as to “what to do” with them, while for others it is an opportunity to relish the time with their kids.

I used to hate having to send my kids back to school after the summer break, I loved their company and if truth be told, I still do. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I would shoo them outside because they were under my skin with their ‘tudes or scraps. I know that this time now is far different than summer break because of the current circumstance. I would like to put something into perspective for you to ponder as you face this time now.

Children are a gift : “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalm 127:3

During this time all over the world everyday, not just because of this virus, but because of many diseases and incidents parents are watching their children suffer. I bet if you spoke to them they would say you are so fortunate to have your children at home, and well. This time the kids are out of school to protect them, and to protect you. If you are faced with child care situations so you can work, my heart is heavy for you and I have deep compassion for you as you navigate this with your boss and your family. For those that can have your children with you through the coming weeks, take this time to make memories so that your children remember this time as a time you wanted them around and did fun things and, not just have memories of being out of school for something that is far more terrifying than a child should have to face.

If you live in Canada then you are surrounded by fresh air (for the most part) and beautiful surroundings. Without having to travel far there are trails, parks, and even back yards where time spent with the kids can make memories of a fun time. This portion in history is going to be marked with horrible statistics that your children may or may not remember when they read about this in the history books with their kids. The time you invest into them now during this difficult time can be the memories that are stirred and that they can share around a cup of tea with your grandchildren.

Pick up a colouring book… be creative… take on crafts that require nothing more than imagination, some glue, paper and colors. Play games….Read a book… there are many good ones that I bet are hanging around your home. Watch a movie, share jokes…and well the list is endless. What your kids will need and want more than anything right now is your time, your attention and your assurance. Limit the time they are exposed to the news and social media, keep them informed of what they need to know and save them from exposure to the panic.

Your time into your children through this time and spending the time together with joy that they are in your arms and in your home under your protection will be what you will treasure and they will remember. Remind them, and yourself that this isolated time together is to protect each of you and is a time to celebrate the gifts that we are given from God…our children.

Hugs n Prayers


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