Pastors & Wives: Sacrifice 2020

Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches.” Galatians 6:6

As I sit here in my 60’s I often think about all the careers I think I would have loved to have tried when I was younger and I must admit, being a Pastor’s wife is not one of them. Please understand the reason I say that. My reasoning behind that is because I think it is one of the most challenging of careers. From being good friends over the years to Pastor’s wives and watching what they have had to endure, in this position along side the man who carries the title “Pastor” it takes courage, love and strength.

This thought has become especially close during this Covid-19 outbreak, pandemic actually. Many churches around the world have had to close the doors due to social distancing, yet they are working hard to find ways to communicate, teach and stand by those that attend their church and those that are seeking after God at this time. We live in a time when some of that is available due to the vase amount of social media venues that can be accessed. They spend many hours with people having to work at a distance to try and pull some of these opportunities together. Preparing for a sermon is a huge responsibility on its own, but having to pool the people necessary to produce podcasts, videos, emails, Facebook and Twitter posts and so on creates a new challenge. Meeting with Elders or Deacons and other Pastors via Skype or FaceTime, none of those things happen without extensive amount of time and commitment.

Then, their is the Pastor’s wife’s and PKids. The challenges that they face on the school level, the self distancing etc is the same as thousands of others, but then put into that mix having to give up the time together with their spouse during all the time of preparations etc. to keep the church going remotely. A Pastor’s wife is a woman who loves her husband, defends him, and walks a lonely time at times as the Pastor reaches out to the community. Some Pastor’s wives work along side their husbands in a physical way being involved in a lot together, and some are ones that are in the background quietly praying. Each one is hugely important for whatever roll they have, out front or quietly in the background.

God has placed the Pastor’s and their wives of our church on my heart in the past while and I have been spending time praying for them in thanksgiving, and also in praying for strength. You know, you don’t have to wait until October “Pastor’s Appreciation” month to send a note or email or small gift, you can do it now, but please, don’t forget the Pastor’s wives. Please send them a note, and pray for them. It might not have been a roll that I would have chosen, and I am sure there are some that it wasn’t their first choice either, but they fill the roll faithfully along side their life mate. Let’s rally around them at this time and let them know they are appreciated and prayed for. Can you? Will you?

Hugs n Prayers


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