How Many More Tears?

I am writing this morning with a pile of tissues and a ton of tears. It hit me this morning how many people have lost their lives because of this virus that has hit our world. What hit me was that the list of deaths as shown on many Covid-19 spreadsheets are those above and beyond what deaths happen in an everyday life. This morning it is as if my heart is overwhelmed with the inexpressible pain that some families of all nations and ethnicity are and will face. No group, faith, country or city is without risk of this virus. Through the weight of these tears then, how can I still say that God is STILL good?!

Photo credits. Heartbeats House Photography

Some of you that follow my blog or Facebook page aren’t people of faith and I respect that. If you follow me you know that my first love is for Jesus, so I can’t help but share things that go through my heart and head and end up in my fingers on a keyboard. Please, don’t stop reading today, I have something that I want to share, it won’t be new to you, or will it? I won’t knock on your door, I won’t pound you with preachy emails, I will just try my best to tell you where my heart is and try live out what I believe and then ask that you would forgive me if there is anything I do that pushes you away from the love Jesus has to offer.

My tears this morning are made up of pain for the throngs of people who have died, their families and for the thousands others that are suffering through this time, not only because of this virus but because of many other diseases and conditions. My heart aches for those that don’t know or understand that Jesus wants to walk this time with me, you , everyone. Here is my thoughts for today, for you and for me.

Jesus didn’t come into the world to stand over you with a giant thumb to hold us down, but to free us from the penalty of death, not physical death itself, that is something we all face simply because we took our first breath. He offers a way to be with Him into eternity, but He also left us the Holy Spirit as a comforter to walk this life with us. When it makes no sense, when sickness and pain comes we aren’t facing anything alone. I can’t imagine facing the life that we have had over the past few years without knowing that I am not doing it alone. And now, oh now, the worst pandemic the world has seen, and He is there. Laying out my heart before God and getting moments through the tears where there is comfort. I don’t believe He wants this for us, I just believe our bodies are so messed up and the world is full of choices that has affected our minds and bodies in general, this crazy virus proves that. God is still good in the pain because He knows pain in the spiritual sense and in the physical through Jesus sacrifice. We can face today because we have hope in Him. I know that I am never alone, ever. Opening up our hearts to Him and talking to Him about the stuff we know already that is not right in our lives and asking for forgiveness and for him to live in our hearts, that is where the the hope is nurtured and the peace and comfort begins. If you are feeling alone, in depression, in pain or fear of this current world health issue, please know that He is there for you. Opening up your life to Him as Saviour doesn’t mean all these hard things in life disappear, but that we have a hope to live for and a future. We can know that He is there to face this stuff with us and at times we are rescued and other times we endure the path we are on with confidence of the hope we have of one day being with Him in His presence for ever.

How many hours have you been lost in thought during this pandemic? How many panic moments have you had to work through? How many times have you felt lost in this spectrum of what is required of us all right now? And…. How many tears have you cried. It is ok to admit that you have cried you know? It is ok to let the emotions flow from the place they are first stirred from… your heart. God knew we would use our tears, the bible talks about Him collecting the tears in a bottle.

“You keep track of all my sorrows.
    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
    You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8

He knows your tears …each one and the heart behind it. He isn’t an ogre, or a dictator, He is a loving Heavenly Father who won’t burst into your life, but waits for you to invite Him.

For a time such as now…….He is there wanting to carry you through this time in History. You don’t have to feel alone. And I am here for you if you need to know someone is praying for you. Just let me know and I will pray. How many tears do you have today take them to Jesus.

Hugs n Prayers


“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” John 3:17

(PS. When I say “prayers” I pray for each one who will read this blog that in some way there will be a moment in your day that the reminder of what is said will help point you and your life to the arms of a loving Saviour, Jesus)

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