Humbolt Broncos April 6, 2018

Hockey and Canada just go hand in hand. April 6, 2018 showed how the hockey community is drawn together for more than just a win, but to stand by each other in tragedy. Many lives were changed that day of this tragic crash.

The Covid-19 virus is causing grief for gatherings both for fun and for memorials and this will affect any memorial service including the 2nd anniversary of the Humbolt Broncos crash.

We have heard many stories about the players and staff over the past two years and how the lives of all those affected have changed the lives of many others. Today, my heart will carry all the survivors and families in prayer and memory as they walk yet another year together.

I found this article (see link below) as put out by Sportsnet outlining how the memorial will be done online. It is such a good time in history to have social media to keep us connected for events such as this.

Keep these families, friends and associates of this team close in heart and prayers today. May we never forget the day that changed the face of junior hockey both in Humbolt and across our great country of Canada.

Hugs n Prayers


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