Happy Father’s Day Dad

I am blessed to still have my Dad in my life and in my 60’s. He is soon going to be 100 years old and daily is amazed that he is still alive and still has all his kids too. None of us are spring chickens either you know. He gives full credit to God for his life and the grace that God has extended to Him.

There are many memories one can conjure up about growing up as kids, teens and adults. We can find the fun thoughts quickly and sometimes there are memories that hold a sting. For me as I look at my Dad and see the man he is today and the way that he has faced this Covid-19 challenge I can come up with two thoughts. I am so proud of him and so thankful to still have him.

He has risen to the challenge of quarantine and has given much more than he has received, and believe me he has received a lot. He has been treated so well by the care-aides and staff at the care home that he calls “home”. He loves to bring a smile to their face in the middle of this challenging time and manages to keep a positive attitude despite not being able to leave his room. He found ways to do crafts, oh and yes that is despite the fact he can’t see out of one eye and has a hand that has seen better days. His determination to keep positive has rubbed off on many of the people who have helped him and cared for him.

We have spent sometime on Skype and always talk about how thankful we are for the technology that has given us those visits during this time of separation.

I love my Dad and know that he loves me. I celebrate who he is today and the man that continues to pray for me and love me just because he is my Dad.

Love n’ Prayers


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