CANADA ~ Stand behind those who serve to protect you.

The following will be sent to as many Editors of as many papers as I can as well as any politician I can get it to. If you agree with this letter, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Write your own letter and share it to those that can be encouraged by your support and to those that can make a difference. Our RCMP and other police forces need to know we are behind them and appreciate them! This is a long read, please read to the end.

Dear Editor,

The fast pace chasing of news stories and social media has changed the fair playing grounds of our social interactions in a way that no one could have seen coming.   What was once a news story that you read in the paper and left on the coffee table has now become an onslaught of information at each click on a device that we have in our faces all day.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are just a few of the things that dominate our lives and thought patterns.   The people behind the stories are regular people trying to do their job as the rest of us are trying to do ours.   The difference is, that their opinions, angles of pictures and information is not always complete by no fault completely of their own.  The stories are not always two sided and  is always tainted with a measure of partiality…. Get the leading story… sensationalism.   

Sensationalism whether it be about a flood, or a fire, a protest or a virus, whatever the news story is, that is what is focused on.   It catches all of us and we are all drawn into the “current” stories.  There is never follow up, never a balance of full truth because how can there be, the stories move from one sensational story to the next.   Do you ever hear about how people are doing after?  Do you ever hear about the ongoing situations after the story leaves the limelight?  No, never.   The problem with that, is it leads way for misinformation.  “Coffee shop” talk so to speak.   Where the news started a story, that boils into conversation over coffee, that boils into gatherings of people who agree that injustice took place into full on protests and violence and how much of all of that is based on truth?   What is the truth when it comes to the influence of fast pace stories from the view of a core group of journalists?  Now, don’t take this as a slam to journalists, but rather a reminder to keep open minds and clear thinking moments when getting drawn into the latest stories.  

Systemic Racism is one such topic.  Systemic basically carries the meaning that the incident is throughout the whole system, just as a virus penetrates a body (system) as a whole, anything referred to as systemic means that it is throughout, without exception.  In my mind, this use of “Systemic Racism” is ridiculous.   That phrase is being used so loosely, and has no full proof that in fact everyone feels the same way.  Everyone… through any system.  By using that term it means that every person involved would have had to been interviewed, interrogated, and spoken to with specific questions to say that it is throughout that whole group of people.  Have you been interviewed as to what your thoughts are?  I haven’t.    So how can this be “systemic’ then.

Racisim is real and it is horrible and shows the degradation of the human races ability to cooperate and work together in relationship, work, etc. etc.    Is Racism present?  Yes, is it one sided, no.  Does it affect some lives more than others? Yes.  Are there some people who use that word to get out of being responsible for their own decisions and actions? Yes, I believe that happens both sides of the coin.   There are some people who are subjected to that form of abuse on a regular basis and it is disgusting but does that mean everyone everywhere is doing the same to them, or others? No.   

Color of skin, sexual orientation, religion are part of who we are.  Each one has the inherent right to be who we are and are to take the responsibility for those things that are by choice and to celebrate the things we were born with such as skin color, etc.  No one, should ever be bullied or hurt because of any of those things.  This all applies also to choice of career.  Whether it be store clerk,  door to door sales person, nurse or police officer, no group should be judged as filled with Systemic Racism as a whole because everyone was not interviewed as to what their opinion is.    And, side note, I bet if they were there would be more that do not look at life as the group they belong to are being accused of. 

Recently, in the news those in the medical world have been given due praise for their service during this crazy time of Covid-19, and so they should be.  Tireless hours and sacrifice has filled their service in the face of one of the worst health crisis in our time.  The news media did a great job of bringing to light how they need to be praised.  Then, once the phrase “Systemic Racism” came out, stories started to surface about some pretty terrible things that were happening in a few facilities in the light of racism and now the shining armor of medical work is now tainted with that, when really it was a few who made some pretty stupid decisions, it was not all nurses and doctors.   How many doctors and nurses have suffered at what I have termed as “reverse racism”.?   What I mean by that is “racism’ that results to everyone based on the stupid decision of a few.    

Photo credit. Heartbeats House Photography

I think that one of the most recent upsetting claims of “systemic racism” is to the RCMP and all police force in general.   South of the border the horrid, thing that happened to George Floyd opened the media flood gates and brought with it horrific injustice to people who had the same rights as George Floyd should have had in that moment.   We weren’t there, I don’t know the whole story of the arrest , I wasn’t there.   He died in a horrible incident and those involved are to be held accountable, no question there.   But the rights were stolen from everyone that was not involved that had their businesses torched, and people trampled and well, you know the stories.   Every police officer in north America was now tainted with the actions of a few.  This disgusts me.   I am sure every day there are those things that happen that are horrid choices of people in police forces, but lets be clear, there are more cases where the general public cries out to those same police forces to come and save them from someone that is going to cause harm to them.  Or to the accidents where people have been tragically hurt or death at the hand of another.  Those same people, we the general public, call the police to come to solve and bring peace to situations where we have made bad choices.  Where racism of a different kind has taken place.  The hand of an abusive parent to a child… that is racism of a sort.   The riots that are caused by politicians standing and ranting and bringing negative attention brings violence to the innocent…who do you call … the police.   Then in turn they are slandered by being called names that I won’t even put to type.   Why?  Because they showed up to save someone.  The horrible things they endure at the hand of many is a form of racism to them don’t think?   

Reflect on something will you this day?   The very police force that has served and protected us as Canadians is now under attack by the media and politicians that, as a resulting are putting each and everyone of them at risk.   Risk at being at the mercy of someone jeering at them “racial” type slurs, spitting in their faces,  and well, the descriptions will be endless.   You want them to come at an accident, or break in, or to rescue you from someone with a weapon, yet as a society we can’t stand by them and stand up for them in a time such as now?   Disgusting really.   Here are a few excerpts from stories of those RCMP who lost their lives in the line of duty protecting people like you and me.  They and their family and RCMP family didn’t expect them to die on these days.   Can we so quickly forget their sacrifice at the hand of the politicians trying to find ways and scape goats for the true racism that happens in some situations. Keep in mind a lot of situations are justice that has had to be handed out as a result of a crime.  When in those situations you can’t hand the “bad guy” a candy and say lets make up.  Sometimes force is necessary and at risk to both sides of that fence.   Remember, crime is still answerable no matter what race, color, religion or sexual choice, consequence for a crime is still right and lawful.   Don’t lose sight of that because if we do, the society will be rampant with people crying “abuse” when the abuse they have caused in the crime will go on without punishment and the next victim could be you or someone you loved. 

Remember these situations next time someone says the RCMP is a systemic racist organization:

This information is as recorded in the article featured on line by CBC June 2014. 

(November 2007: Const. Douglas Scott, 20, was shot and killed on Nov. 5 in the Baffin Island hamlet of Kimmirut, about 120 kilometres south of Iqaluit. Scott, from Brockville, Ont., was responding to a complaint about an impaired driver late in the evening.)

October 2007: Const. Christopher Worden was shot in Hay River, N.W.T., a small town about 500 kilometres south of Yellowknife. The 30-year-old was responding to a call from a house for assistance at 5 a.m. on Oct. 6 when he lost radio contact with fellow officers Two backup officers were sent to the scene and found Worden in a wooded area suffering from gunshot wounds. He died in hospital. Police launched a Canada-wide search for Emrah Bulatci, who surrendered following a standoff in Edmonton five days later. He was convicted of first-degree murder in 2009.

July 2006: Two RCMP officers, Const. Robin Cameron, 29, and Const. Marc Bourdages, 26, were both shot in the head July 7 after a car pursuit of a domestic violence suspect ended on a dirt road near Mildred, Sask. The officers would die in hospital nine days later.

March 2005: Four RCMP officers were ambushed and shot to death on a farm near Mayerthorpe, Alta.The Mayerthorpe shootings continue to be remembered in the rural Alberta town. It was the greatest single-day loss in RCMP history. They were investigating reports of stolen auto parts as well as a small marijuana grow operation. The gunman was also found dead inside a Quonset hut — a large metal storage shed.

Feb. 28, 2004: RCMP Cpl. Jim Galloway, 53, a dog handler based in Edmonton, was shot and killed during a six-hour standoff in Spruce Grove, a bedroom community just outside the Alberta capital. A 31-year veteran of the force, Galloway was shot dead at the scene as a gunman tried to leave a house while exchanging gunfire with police. The 39-year-old suspect was also hit and died later in hospital.

Read the article … there are more

And dare we forget.. dare we!   During this Covid-19 crisis all politicians, media personnel and citizens of Canada were taken back to the horror that took place in Nova Scotia.   April this year, 2020 16 people died at the hand of a gunman posing as a police officer.   Civilians and 1 officer were gunned down.  Horror filled the news and police were given credit for the work that they were trying to do that day.  And we were all reminded of how thankful we are for their service.  So, why now…why are they being accused of overall racist abuse of force?   Who stole their crown?  

How is it as a society we can use “systemic racism” as convenient word to toss around to benefit politics or media sensationalism when the very people who put their life on the line are front and center to protect us. 99.9% of the police in this country are there to serve us.   Politicians are surrounded by them to protect them, how dare they, how can they say that all police… all RCMP are racist to either color, race, sect, religion etc when they go into their jobs everyday not knowing if they will see their families that night as they protect our politicians.   According to various sources online at least 19% of all police officers live every day with varing levels of PTSD due to their job.  That according to some sources is in comparison with 3% of the rest of us.   Is it any wonder that this happens, look what they face.

It is time that we stand together as a society that knows better.   I am asking that the politicians stand back, actually, stand face to face with the men and women around you that protect you each day and look them in the eye and tell them they are ‘systemically racisit” then you expect them to want to protect you with their lives.   They are doing that at great cost to themselves, you need to step up and stand up for them and the police family around them.   As a matter of fact, each politician at election time could be accused of “systemic racism” when it comes to the horrible things said about each other’s party.  That is brutality at its worst sometimes, watch the debates.  

I am asking that the media turn around the story of the systemic racism towards the police force in general and to the overall RCMP force and support them.   When there is wrong doing make sure you have the full story, not just a video someone got so that they could get some money.  Report accurately about the situation and stop for goodness sakes pointing the finger at all police.  You don’t know if before that video what happened, you can’t see if there is a gun on the seat or in the pockets, you can’t tell what is being said.   There will be some that are accurate, but stop , stop, stop making those that risk their lives to safe us as the bad guys.  They protect you too you know. 

To those that I have sent this letter to, please use it to encourage others to write and stand up for the policing of this country.  We look around the world and are often heard as Canadians how proud we are of our country.  How we live in the best place in the world.   Lets be sure we stand together defending some of those that have made this country great and safer that many places in the world.   Stand unified to defend the RCMP and the police force as a whole.   

Hugs and Prayers for those men in women who serve across our great country of Canada,


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