Dr. Bonnie Henry – A Gentle Quiet Heart

Dr. Bonnie Henry – A Gentle Quiet Heart

by Jackie Gartner

A quiet kind person her face we all know,

Was given a task quite a long while ago,

To serve British Columbians with the things she well knows,

Such as infections, viruses and variants unknown.

Her Heart on her sleeve she stands straight and tall,

Facing questions from people she doesn’t know at all.

Some questions worth pondering,

Others with no answer today,

Yet she answers with graciousness, day after day.

Her Heart on her sleeve mourning the loss of one more,

As she makes that announcement I am sure her hearts is on the floor.

Grieving the loss of each “number” she knows they were someone adored.

Mother, Father, sister or friend, the world is without them… families will mourn.

She isn’t responsible for the Covid-19 virus attack,

But she is on the front lines and often times faces the flack,

Between push from the public, and restrictions of the job,

No decision does she make lightly, and inside must just sob.

Thank you Dr. Henry for your beginnings in medical science long ago,

BC is blessed by your heart and admiration for you must grow.

See the woman you were created to be as a prize,

The heart of this dear woman is reflected in your eyes.

Walk this journey knowing despite your despair,

That my heart carries you often in quiet, solace of prayer.

Be kind, Be calm and Be safe we must do,

Stop from time to time though and take care of you too!

Hugs n’ Prayers

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