The Lord is my Shepherd

The very first verses my Mom had me memorize was the 23rd Psalm. Even if you aren’t a person of faith, I am sure you will be familiar with it. It shows up on posters, pictures, and every now and again on social media. It was from the King James Version of the Bible that I had learned it from as a little girl of 5 or 6 years old. Mom would read some and then get me to repeat what she had read. We had done this many times until I had finally learned it all. Mom took great joy in sharing what she was learning and so my guess is that during that time this Psalm meant a lot to her in her own faith walk.

Well as is often the case, time goes by, we grow and our minds get full of … stuff.. and some of the things we once held dear gets tossed aside. I hate to admit it, but the 23rd Psalm in whole was one of those things. I couldn’t repeat it in full any more and honestly, hadn’t given a thought to what it meant, it was just special because of my Mom’s sharing it with me. Let’s just say, I know she wouldn’t have been happy that was all it meant to me. She would have wanted me to dig deeper.

One day about a month ago I decided that I wanted to learn it again, and so I set out to memorize it. I would read it over and over as I went to bed and then several times during the day. It was fun and was making my old girl brain have to work a bit harder. One such day while I was reading it I was at the same time being torn up about a situation that is happening in our family. I was trying to memorize and just couldn’t and was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, then it hit me. “Jackie, see what this Psalm is saying to you… for here, for now!” I quietly recited the first part out loud.

The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want,

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

He leads me beside still waters,


There it was… HE restores my soul. Oh how hungry my soul was for restoration. How broken I felt inside with what was going on. How helpless I felt to do anything to make it right. But there it was… I can’t do that for myself. I can’t fix that pain, I can’t make the situation disappear. I needed restoring… I needed help and my help DOES come from the Lord.

When we are faced with situations out of our control we are reminded that we aren’t alone. Our “want” our need for “green pastures” and “still waters” in the times that are difficult are given through a Shepherd that loves us with an everlasting love. In my time searching through this Psalm to memorize I was reminded of the meaning behind it. That He is the one that can carry me through this. He is the one that will restore my soul and I pray that for those that are hurting along side me in this family situation they too will find that restoration and peace. That we will all see the restoration of the situation that is going on is my prayer, for now I will rest in Jesus as Lord and Saviour to restore me and give me strength to walk this time.

How about you? Do you need to turn your current situation over to Him to restore you? He is there… there beside the still waters and beside you in the green pastures. One moment at a time, one day, one month and one year at a time…He restores our soul.

Hugs n’ Prayers


(I will continue next time into more of the 23rd Psalm. It is rich with blessing and reminders of the Heavenly Father that loves us deeply)

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