The Lord is my Shepherd

The very first verses my Mom had me memorize was the 23rd Psalm. Even if you aren’t a person of faith, I am sure you will be familiar with it. It shows up on posters, pictures, and every now and again on social media. It was from the King James Version of the Bible that…

Dr. Bonnie Henry – A Gentle Quiet Heart

Dr. Bonnie Henry – A Gentle Quiet Heart by Jackie Gartner A quiet kind person her face we all know, Was given a task quite a long while ago, To serve British Columbians with the things she well knows, Such as infections, viruses and variants unknown. Her Heart on her sleeve she stands straight and…

Pandemic & You

Keep in mind that even in the darkest of storms there is hope for sunshine. The rain doesn’t pour for ever, and the roar of the thunder doesn’t pierce the sound waves unending. These days that may seem hard will have and end, but until that time look for the good in the day…there is some there. …….”

Thankfulness in the Storm = 2020

Casting Crowns has a song that has many times resonated in my heart throughout this year. “Praise You in This Storm”. Not only has the pandemic hit us all hard in 2020, but it has kept me away from my 100 year old Dad and that has been much harder than I could have even imagined. Our family is in our own personal storm and sometimes breathing feels too much to do through my broken heart. Yet, I still believe that my hope …… read more

Remembrance Day 2020

This morning I want to take time to remember and honour those that are serving in this time of pandemic and overdose crisis. All day, everyday there is someone in a uniform serving our great country and communities that are faced with the threat…. read more

Happy Birthday Mom!

Well, I could write a book about her, but I won’t. To celebrate her birthday today I decided to let her words speak to you. She loved to sing, paint and to write. Here are a few of her poems. Read them carefully and you will get to know a little of the woman that I love and miss deeply.

Shiny New Penny

I remember my Aunt Jess taking me shopping for a new purse. It was to be my very first purse. It is funny, I don’t remember exactly what the purse looked like, but I remember the shiny penny she put into it. I remember the time we spent together more than the money or the…

CANADA ~ Stand behind those who serve to protect you.

The following will be sent to as many Editors of as many papers as I can as well as any politician I can get it to. If you agree with this letter, please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Write your own letter and share it to those that can be encouraged by your support and to those that can make a difference. Our RCMP and other police forces need to know we are behind them and appreciate them! This is a long read, please read to the end. …….

Happy Father’s Day Dad

I am blessed to still have my Dad in my life and in my 60’s. He is soon going to be 100 years old and….

Mom – I Miss You!

Mom, I miss you. I live with great hope that the Jesus Mom taught me about and lived an example of what it is to be faithful to Him, is who she is with.

Covid-19 Hugs, Hope and Peace

Here we are weeks into our journey through Covid-19. How are you doing? Is this starting to feel a little normal now?

Tulips – Hope

Here we are in the middle of a crazy time of life that our generation and the one before have never faced. There is a lot of uncertainty. One of the things that we are reminded of because it is now the spring is that we have Hope. The winter always seems cold and dark…

Nothing could hold Him back then… or now.

He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Rings through out the Christian faith on each and every Easter Sunday. Although the fun around Easter Bunny is front line in marketing, the true meaning of easter isn’t about the cute dude with all the chocolate!

I Can’t Do This Alone!

I have been a Christian for a long time, a really long time actually. Time is not a measure of maturity, both in physical age and in christian faith. It is 3:30 am and I am awake. As Wife, Mom, Mother in Law, Grammy, Daughter, Sister and friend my heart is heavy, Lots going on…

Humbolt Broncos April 6, 2018

Hockey and Canada just go hand in hand. April 6, 2018 showed how the hockey community is drawn together for more than just a win, but to stand by each other in tragedy. Many lives were changed that day of this tragic crash. The Covid-19 virus is causing grief for gatherings both for fun and…

Virus Thoughts – Open the Curtains

I opened my curtains and what did I see? This beautiful sky staring back at me. I was amazed at its beauty and stepped out through the door. I was greeted by a fresh breeze my soul was hungry for more. Our curtains in life surround us each day. We can make our choice to…

How Many More Tears?

This morning it is as if my heart is overwhelmed with the inexpressible pain that some families of all nations and ethnicity are and will face. No group, faith, country or city is without risk of this virus. Through the weight of these tears then, how can I still say that God is STILL good?!

Photos – Housebound 2020

I love to take pictures … a lot! Tonight because of the Covid-19 virus we are all being encouraged to stay home. I thought I would take some opportunity to play with some of my photos and reminisce some of our past trips. Stay safe… keep distance ands don’t forget to wash your hands. This…