My Faith

Each day we open our eyes we are moving in faith.   Faith that the bed will continue to hold you, faith that your kettle will start for that morning cup of tea.   Faith that your family will still love you as much as they did yesterday, and faith that that you will have a tomorrow in which you will do the same as you have done today.   There are times when that faith is displaced and replaced with disappointment, grief or heaven forbid, no tea!

One of the greatest steps of faith comes believing in a power, a creator and personality that is unseen with our eyes or felt with our skin.  Our day to day faith can be proven or displaced in instant results, through that kettle starting, or through a power failure that means no tea. The deepest, and most challenging at first type of of faith is Faith in God. One who created us, loves us, watches over us and wants us to spend eternity with Him.   I believe in this God, the Holy, Triune God who’s three equal persons.   He is fully God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  I believe that God created man to love and to be loved by.  I believe that Jesus is God the Son and took upon Himself the penalty for the sin of mankind and separation from God the Father through that sin by dying a criminals death, being raised from the dead and ascending to Heaven leaving behind for us the God the Holy Spirit.   Why do I believe these things?

I became a Christian (turned my life over to Jesus as Lord and Saviour) when I was 11 years old.   I had grown up with a God loving, fearing Mom and a Dad that was searching for God.   I watched them go through many, many hardships and watched how my Mom’s faith just seemed to keep growing.  She would talk to me about Jesus and how much He loved me and wanted to be part of my life, but that like a good friend, He would never push His way into my heart.   That I needed to first let Him know that I understood that I couldn’t be any more perfect than Adam and Eve (the first ones to mess up and sin).  That I was sorry for the things that I had done, and wanted Him to help me learn what He wanted me to do rather than just what I wanted to do.   To believe He gave His life for me willingly and that He conquered my sin, and wanted me as His child, forever into eternity.   I began learning more through the bible and through many conversations with Mom and through church sermons.

One Easter