A Mother’s Heart (Pt 3 Ponderings)

I can remember the day that I walked into Chilliwack Hospital for my very first ultrasound as a newly pregnant Mom to  meet my new baby  – Ashley.   Now this was over 30+ years ago and ultrasounds were not then what they are today.   I can’t believe how much detail there is in…

Everyday with Darwin (ponderings)

It is amazing really how much fuss is made over Valentines’ day.   As soon as New Years is done the hearts start showing up everywhere.   Probably my favourite place to see hearts commercially is in Starbucks.  After all they have new cups with hearts!!!  (Ask my husband about my love for Starbucks cups)….

In Law vs Out Law

Remember the days of Bonanza and Have Gun – Will Travel?   (Wow, I am aging myself here!)  There was always an outlaw or “bad guy”.   Then of course Paladin, or Little Joe or Ben Cartwright would save the day, the ranches, or towns would be in order once again and all was well….